Convert WordPress theme to blogger / blogspot for Free [How to]

This is one of the featured post telling you How to Convert / rip / adopt the design of WordPress theme to blogger / blogspot for Free
There are several high quality themes in wordpress, premium and free ones But in blogger, there are not much good themes. That’s the main reason why people and webdesigners loves to chose the blogger templates converted from wordpress to their blogspot blog. You may have known that i had converted 2-3 wordpress themes to blogger. After that, i had got enormous number of mails asking me to convert several templates. As i’m not a pro or doesn’t have much time, i would like to tell you How you can convert WordPress templates / theme into blogger templates / themes.

How to convert WordPress themes to Blogger / blogspot template for free ?

Before that let me tell you, There is no Automatic tool to convert wordpress theme into blogger, just by attaching or downloading them. It really needs some work to convert / transform a wordpress teme into blogger. It’s not as hard as creating a blogger theme, but still it is harder for common peoples. To convert them, you have to do some modification in the head CSS of the template and create all the widgets. It is very easy for a professional to do. So always, it’s best to seek help of a professional in converting instead of doing it your own. Don’t worry, you don’t want to pay them anything. You can get it all free. Yeah, I’m not joking,  there are several bloggers who does all these conversions for free. Here i’ll mention you some of such blogs, which helps you toConvert WordPress (WP) theme to blogger / blogspot .
1. Bloganol ;
Bloganol  is a blog that contain several blogger templates and is ran by Dinesh D. He is an exerienced web designer and had converted several wordpress themes into blogger themes. His major conversion are the conversion of ‘Revolution WordPress themes’. He had became very popular due to his continuous effort and quality work. Now he will create you adoption of any wordpress themes if you request it, and absolutly for free.
You can Request for conversion here ; http://www.bloganol.com/2009/07/request-free-blogger-template-on-html.html
2.TechieBlogger ; 
Thechieblogger is a blogger acessories blog, ran by Muhammed Rias. He has great experience in blogger, CSS and wordpress. Most of the Custom Widgets for blogger like related posts, page navigation etc were introduced by him. He had created several widgets and themes for blogger and had also ripped several wordpress themes into blogger before. This itself shows his experience. Now he alsoconvert worpress themes into blogger as per your request, for free.
You can request them here : http://www.techieblogger.com/2009/06/converting-wordpress-themes-to-blogger-templates.html
3.Free Blogger Template ;

Free blogger template is a new blogger template gallery. He introduce himself with the nickname ‘free blogger template’ and tells that he’s a bad designer but good in CSS. So he loves to convert wordpress templates, joomla templates, css templates etc into blogger. He does it for free as per your request and will convert not only wordpress themes, but also CSS themes and joomla themes.
You can Request Theme herer : http://www.freebloggertemplate.info/2009/07/request-blogger-template.html

There are several other sites like falconhive and all, which welcomes user suggetion of wordpress template at some times and convert them to blogger. There are other sites also which provides these services for a fixed price.  I think that mentioning them here is Irrelevent.
So You can seek the help of the 3 above sites to convert wordpress theme/template to blogger theme/ template for Free. Meanwhile, after completing my HTML studies i too will try to start a service.

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